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The Fountain of Ink

It was five in the evening, grandpa and me slowly walked towards the local park. The storekeepers on the way waved at me, hoping I’d buy a toffee from them. But, not today. Grandpa said he’d buy me one on our way back home. This was one reason why I looked forward to these saunters to the park – a guaranteed reward. But, that was not the only reason I never missed these walks. Grandpa was full of stories – just like all grand fathers were – and I loved to hear them. We sat at our regular bench and after relaxing for sometime he took out a folded piece of paper and spread it out in front of me – it was a news paper article on ‘fountain pens’.

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This Old Guitar


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The Grass on the other side

Scenario 1: Santosh called me after three months. It was nice catching up with him. But, our initial conversation got stuck at a juncture where we both didn’t know what to speak next. It has been three years that Santosh moved to the US. How much can we reminiscence about old times? It took sometime for us to ease back into a conversation. He confided in me that he was missing India. He was recollecting all the simple pleasures of what life offered here. And, all the while I was listening to him, I was wondering how nice it would be if only I could migrate to the United States (it’s been a long unfulfilled dream after all), and enjoy what life offered there.

Oh, if only I was in his shoes!

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Time is limited

I was still rolling on the bed debating if I should get up or not. All the things I scheduled for that day popped up in my mind – I had a busy day ahead. I switched on my cell phone and went through the twitter stream and rss feed. My eyes refused to open, so I put my cell aside and pulled back the blanket. The phone rang as soon as I closed my eyes. It was Sundeep, “Ajay passed away” he said.

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A Love Affair

With a beer in hand one day, my friend asked me – when/where and how did I fall in love with books? I tried to recall: I went to a Christian missionary school and in December every year we had the half-yearly exams followed by a holiday of two weeks for Christmas and New year & I happened to live in a locality where most of my friends studied in schools which declared holidays in January (for Sankranthi) instead of December. So, year after year, I was at school when my friends were playing and at home when they were in school. With none to play around I used to search for ways to fill my free time.

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